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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provide advanced tracking and identification capabilities for various industries. By utilizing radio waves, R.F.I.D technology allows for the wireless transfer of data between RFID tags and readers, enabling real-time visibility and control over assets, inventory, and operations. 

With nearly 50 years of accumulated experience in label printing and manufacturing, UR Label has earned industry recognition and acclaim for its exceptional production techniques and high-quality standards. We specialize in producing labels, hangtags, and a wide range of clothing accessories with precision and craftsmanship. In the past decade, we have dedicated ourselves to researching and developing cutting-edge technologies in RFID and digital printing. In recent years, we have made significant investments in state-of-the-art RFID equipment, seamlessly integrating traditional and digital printing methods. Our advanced RFID production and processing capabilities enable us to offer our clients a comprehensive one-stop solution for all their RFID label needs. From basic label production to RFID integration, lamination and encoding, UR Label is fully equipped to deliver superior results with efficiency and expertise.

Retail Management

Enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, improves inventory management, and enhances the customer experience.

Supply chain tracking 

Achieve increased operational efficiency, accuracy, visibility and control.

Inventory management

Enhanced accuracy, visibility, and automation. It minimizes stock outs, and provides valuable insights for better  planning.

Data Analyze

gain actionable insights, enhance overall business performance. It enables data-driven decision-making and helps businesses stay competitive in today's dynamic market.

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A brand designer's secret weapon. They provide essential info and promote brand identity. With unique designs and creativity, they enhance brand appeal. Hangtags convey product details, care instructions, and quality assurance. They captivate consumers, boost brand recognition, and showcase the designer's talent. Elevate your brand with eye-catching hangtags!

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Printing Labels

A valuable tool for showcasing their creativity and enhancing brand identity. Customized labels can feature unique designs, logos, and information to captivate consumers and promote brand recognition. Labels can be customized in terms of shape, size, color, and material. They serve as a powerful visual element in product packaging and marketing materials.

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Heat Transfer Labels

Heat transfer labels are a popular choice for brand designers. They offer a seamless and professional look on clothing items, with durability and resistance to fading or peeling. Customizable and easy to apply, they showcase branding, sizing, care instructions, and more, enhancing the overall appeal of the product

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A captivating tool for brand designers. They offer endless creative possibilities to showcase brand identity, logos, and designs. Customizable in shape, size, and material, stickers are versatile for product packaging, promotions, and brand awareness. They leave a lasting impression and engage consumers visually.

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Woven Labels

A must-have for brand designers. These fabric labels add a touch of elegance and professionalism to clothing items. Customizable with intricate designs, fonts, and colors, they enhance brand recognition and provide essential information. Woven labels are the perfect finishing touch for your designs.

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These customizable accessories showcase brand logos, designs, and messages. With their eye-catching appeal, badges create a lasting impression and promote brand recognition. From clothing to accessories, badges add a touch of style and uniqueness to your brand.

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A canvas for brand designers to unleash their creativity. With innovative designs, colors, and materials, packaging becomes a powerful marketing tool. It captures attention, communicates brand values, and enhances the overall product experience. Elevate your brand with captivating packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

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We strive to constantly evolve and offer a wide array of products and cutting-edge technologies, empowering brand designers to elevate their brand image through innovative labels and techniques. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist you. Contact us anytime for support and inquiries.

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